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Hello. [19 Apr 2009|07:16pm]
Nothing to see here, just passing through.
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[28 Aug 2008|11:36pm]
Well, we've reached the clearing at the end of the path here.  For the sake of posterity, I won't close my journal, but I won't add to it either.  Things have changed, I've changed, life has changed.  My priorities lie elsewhere for the time being.

I don't see myself returning here anytime soon.  But ya never know.

If there were no rewards to reap,
No loving embrace to see me through
This tedious path I've chosen here,
I certainly would've walked away by now.
And I still may.

...gonna wait it out.


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It is just nice to see it in writing [02 Sep 2007|12:34pm]
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[21 Apr 2007|01:31am]
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You can't say I don't love you all [04 Apr 2007|12:33am]
Porcupine Tree- Fear of a Blank Planet

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[03 Apr 2007|03:30am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I can't sleep.  I hate when this happens.  I hate getting up because then I feel like I should be trying to sleep, even though that isn't working. So instead, I'm sitting here blowing bubbles into my fan in the dark.  Now paranoia sets in, as I think I spy a spider above my bed in the dark.  I turn on the lights and it is gone.  Did I imagine it or did it manage to escape to another hiding location, such as in my bed.  Now I definitely don't want to get back in there.  I think it is gonna be a long night.  Perhaps I'll work on a crossword for a bit.  However, thanks to this spider which may or may not exist, I'll be doing it in this chair instead of in my bed.  *shudder*  I've been thinking about that tattoo a lot lately.  Maybe once I get some money saved up, I'll actually get it.  I've shaken my sheets out, no sign of Mr. Spider.  Now I just need to tell myself it is all in my head.  15-Across: Part of MPH. 7-Down: Student's table.  Desk. Per.  13-Across:Employ.  Hire.  4-Across: Reimbursed.  Paid.  16-Across: Metal-bearing rocks.  Ores.  This complets 5 and 6-Down, Air and Ire.  19-Down: Question.  Ask?  Yes, because 22-Across: Usher's offering.  Seat.  20-Across: Young goat.  Kid.  I'm gonna be up a while, I think.  39-Across: Fateful March date.  Ides.  Still no sign of the spider.  I'm almost ready to return to the bed.  Almost.  But not quite.47-Across: Rental agreement.  Lease.  I still need to tell my parents that I'm not graduating in May.  They know that the papers are turned in though, it is a start.  My baby just texted me.  It is 2:46am.  She works in just a few hours.  Against my better judgement, I text her back.  I'm gonna feel terrible if I keep her up.  She is so good to me.  Maybe too good to me.  She brought me lunch at work today.  And bought me a Dr. Pepper.  That is 3 days in a row she has done it.  Sometimes I think I don't deserve to be loved this much.  She says she hopes I can get to sleep soon.  That makes two of us.  I saw a car at work today that had something advertised on the side of it.  Their business.  Something in my head went off saying that she would love it.  Maybe I heard her say that once.  Maybe I imagined it.  But I didn't write the number down.  For good reasons though.  First, I don't know how much it costs, but I don't think I can afford it.  Secondly, I don't know if I could do it.  I would want to be there for it though, that is for sure.  Maybe one day I'll do it.  My Cisco Systems pen just ran out of ink.  That was from senior year in HS.  For now, 40-Across: Augury will be left at OM until I find a pen to complete -EN.  I find myself wondering through the mysteries of deviantARt and somehow always find my way to the dark pictures.  I find beautiful pictures like
and wonder where on earth I can find such places.

Mmm, pretty.

26-Down: Study at last.  Cram.  I burned a copy of the Dragonforce CD for Eric tonight.  I hope he likes it.  He asked about it today, so I know he is at least interested.  I wonder if he will really listen, or just half-ass it and never listen to it again.  3:06am.  Maybe it is really time to try sleeping again.

Wow.  This one reminds me of the State Hospital.  Big time.

 If I was any kind of photographer, I could probably get some really amazing shots there.

Hah, just before I decide to close the window, I run into a lot of Porcupine Tree pictures. 
I just realized this is really gonna mess up some people's margins.  Tough shit, I'm going to bed. 8-Down: Sweets.  Candy. 3:21am. 

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[01 Apr 2007|03:12pm]
So Becca and I have been wanting to watch Dead Poets Society lately and it has always been rented out when we've looked for it.  Last night, they had it, but of course, we won't have the time to watch it this week.  Then, just now, I'm working on my paper and Change of Seasons by Dream Theater comes on.  That makes me want to watch it just that much more.  I LOVE the poem that they (kind of) read in the movie and the song. 

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
    Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles to-day
    To-morrow will be dying.

The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
    The higher he's a-getting,
The sooner will his race be run,
    And nearer he's to setting.

That age is best which is the first,
    When youth and blood are warmer;
But being spent, the worse, and worst
    Times still succeed the former.

Then be not coy, but use your time,
    And while ye may, go marry:
For having lost but once your prime,
    You may for ever tarry.

Now back to the paper!
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Because I ran out of space in my away message... [18 Mar 2007|03:55am]
[ mood | happy ]

Spring Break is awesome: [constantly updated, so if it messes up your friends pages, that is just tough. :P]
1. Slept til 2

2. Did nothing all day

3. Saw 300
Badass movie.  I went in with very high expectations and they were met and then some.  I'll most definitely be buying this one.

4. My baby is staying :D

    She kinda just plopped down in my bed after the movie....

5. Slept til 1

6. Chinese motherfuckin' buffet

    Drew and I ate like kings.

7. - Worked 4-10.

    BEAUTIFUL DAY!  Jeremy closed.  He has Jason's sneaking ability, he saw me talking to Becca like 20 times that night.  Oh yeah, I almost died because some asshole blew a stop sign.

8. Saw new commerical for The Shield.

    It starts April 3rd for the curious.
I can't wait!!  But it means no more poetry slams unless someone records it....

9. Went on a long walk with my love.

    We went swinging!
It was so much fun.  We explored a bit of the town too.

10. - Ate a fry off the floor of a Wendy's.

    Not cool.

11. Went home Tuesday

Stopped at the cemetery before going home.

12. Washed, waxed, changed the oil and brakes on my car.

13. Happy Pi Day

14. Had Red Lobster for lunch!

    I thought lobsterfest meant things were cheaper.  Not so.  So I got garlic shrimp and fried scallops instead.  Yum.  Discovered they have bread bowls.  Ate about 230 of those kickass rolls.

15. New shoes.

Some kickass Airwalks for $25.  Got some hostility at PacSun.  The guy was all against me getting skating shoes because I don't skate.  Apparently he was against getting my business too.  Their loss.

16. Back to Normal

I missed my love!  I got to see her :)

17.  Discovered the joys of coconut milk tea.

Miss Becca and I went to Fusion Brew and I continued to branch out and try new things.  Coconut milk tea=delicious.

18.  Found out that real coconuts aren't that great.
    After some hard work, we got it open.  The milk wasn't that great and the actual coconut didn't have much flavor.  We baked it for a bit like the directions suggested, but it didn't help much.  The moral of the story is just buy the damn shredded coconut when you want some.

19.  Slept til 1 again!

20.  Baked cookies!

21.  Amazon tells me God of War II shipped.
Since there was a delay, they bumped my shipping up.  And on top of that, the game was free anyway because of the gift certificates.  Woo!

22.  Finally found the Black Lab song "This Night"

    Not so much found it as made it.  Thank you internet piracy tools!

23.  -Worked 4-10.
    No real managers though, which means I got to talk to my baby all night long :)

24.  I'm number 1 in the Wiegand family (plus Amanda and me) March Madness brackets!
    Who knows how long that will last though...

25.  -Not invited to the bed party :(

26.  -Worked 10-6:30.
But I got to work with Rob for a while and he is always fun.  His St. Patty's Day plans were to stay home, get drunk, and beat his wife o.O

27.  Hot date with Becca!
    We had a yummy dinner supper and an apple crisp for dessert!

28.  My love stayed again :)
    I even got to do my lotioning duties!

29.  Lazy Sunday before going back to school :(
    At least I made pudding.
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Jealous much? [13 Mar 2007|02:36pm]

</gloating :P>
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WOOOOO [31 Jan 2007|06:20pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Porcupine Tree news!

Fear of a Blank Planet track listing


Following two album playback events in New York and at Abbey Road in London, the track listing of the new Porcupine Tree album "Fear of a Blank Planet" has been revealed:

1. Fear of a Blank Planet (7.28)
2. My Ashes (5.07)
3. Anesthetize (17.42)
4. Sentimental (5.26)
5. Way Out of Here (7.37)
6. Sleep Together (7.28)

The album is set for April release through Roadrunner in Europe, Atlantic in the US, and WHD Entertainment in Japan. It's likely that both the stereo CD and 5.1 surround sound DVDA will be packaged together as standard.

April is soooo far away :(
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Did we miss the moon? I'd lie in your arms if I could [04 Dec 2006|03:13am]
[ mood | tired ]

So Thursday night Becca and I are talking about the crazy storm predictions they had for us. I go on to say that ISU should close on Friday, but they never will. Sooo Friday morning I wake up a bit late and I check my phone for the time and I see that I have a text from her saying school was closed. I turn on the news to confirm this, but there are so many things closed that it will take forever for the list to get back to the I's. So I call my mom and she confirms the good news! I did some exploring outside that day and it was REALLY shitty out. My car had a solid inch of ice on it. I called into work for the day, told them I couldn't get into my car. I didn't waste the day though, I got some work done on my biochem paper. And a lot more work done on FFXII. But stuff did get done!

Saturday I called in again since my car was still solid ice. They told me to just come in when I can. I didn't. But my car was still frozen, so it was a legit no-show. I worked for an hour and a half to clean it off and only got about half done. I pounded ou the rest of my biochem paper, too! I'm proud of myself, I finished it up 2 full days ahead of schedule! I ended up going over to Becca's for the night. After she came and picked me up of course! :P

I participated in the family tradition of decorating the Christmas tree and eating delicious La Gondola. We watched the Santa Clause while decorating and eating. I haven't seen that movie in a loooong time. I know I have it on VHS at home somewhere though. We watched the Santa Clause 2 later and it wasn't too bad either. I'd watched it at work before, but not watched it watched it, ya know? And I got to meet Joey's fiance, Amanda! She was really nice. She thinks they were both babied too much as kids because at one point, Becca was laying her head in my lap and Joey had his head in Amanda's! Good times. I said how I think tickling is a family thing too, because they both like to do it. Amanda and I also discussed someone's top secret Christmas gift and she gave me a little bit of advice on it. I need to look into it again now. Anyway, I ended up staying there a lot longer than I meant to. It just gets hard to leave sometimes...I know I didn't really have anywhere to be today, but I did need to get to bed. I just hate saying goodbye.

Today I finished up my Ecology manuscript and Parasitology questions with relative ease.  Oh, and I discovered some long lost jeans! I threw away an old pair I had with a giant hole in the butt and I ironed the newly found pair.And then Becca came over. She had some COLD hands! We had been talking about seeing The Fountain for a while but hadn't been to do it. Drew finally agreed to go with us, so we did! First we stopped and ate some pizza at her house and then picked up some Mt. Dew from the gas station and then we met Drew at the theater. I thought the movie was great. I think Becca and Drew liked it too. Ha, as the movie ended, a guy walked by claiming that it was the most boring waste of time in his life! I guess he didn't care for it. Afterward Becca and I went to Wendy's to get a frosty and fries. We came back here and I was freezing to death. My hands were bitter cold. I had to warm them up so I could pee! Anyway, we watched an awesome episode of Metalocalypse. I thought I made a kickass tent out of my blankets but someone disagreed with me.  It wouldn't even pass as a cave!  Bah!  I'd like to see you do better!

Apparently it is my birthday Saturday!  It almost slipped my mind.  Maybe I am getting old.  I'm not really sure what we are doing.  I think Joe and Matt are coming down.  I think we are going to Chinese Buffet at some point.  Then we'll probably drink a lot.  We'd talked about throwing an all out party, but I don't know if we will.

Life is good right now.  Really good.  After finals, it will be great.  I don't really know how things could be better.  I just know I'm extremely happy right now.  And I owe all of it to you, guitar Becca :)

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[30 Nov 2006|01:30am]
Stolen from acid_in_my_shoe
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[17 Nov 2006|03:16pm]
The most PERSONAL Quiz Ever:

1. Who were you with last night?

2. What was the first thing you did this morning?
Technicially, I was sitting on Becca's couch! But when I woke up this morning I did the same thing I do every Friday morning. I swear at my alarm and start getting dressed.

3. Where are you? right now?
My room.

4. Who are you with?
No one that I know of.

5. Did you kiss or hug anyone today?
Yes, both!

6. Do you love anyone right now?
Of course.

7. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
That I do.

8. When's the last time you cried?
I don't recall...it has been a while.


10. Ever thrown up in public?
Not that I remember.

11. What about passed out because of alcohol?
No, but I've slept like a baby because of it!

12. What's on your mind RIGHT NOW?
Failing tests. The horror of work. Wanting to eat before I go in. The prospect of getting to see Becca after an awful day.


13. Would you take a bullet for anyone?
Not anyone in general. But some people in specific.

14. Where would you like to live?
:x :)

15. What kind of home would you like?
A nice one.

16. What do you want to be when you grow up?

17. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Flying a floating car.

18. In 10 years?
Complaining about the glory of the old days where cars had wheels.


20. Look at your top 8 list, who is your number 1?
The Deadly Badgers!?!

21. Why is he/she number one?
Because I don't keep people in my top list, so no one can complain about not being number 1.

22. Have you ever kissed anyone on your top friends?
Since they are all bands, no.

23. How many friends do you have on myspace?
It says 130.

24. Do you know everyone in your friend's list?
I know all the people, I haven't met most of the bands.

25. How often do you log in to myspace?

26. Do you get excited by new comments/picture comments?
No, it just means I need to get on myspace to see them.

27. Ever been kissed?

28.Ever kissed anyone younger than you?

29.Ever kissed anyone older than you?

30.What are you doing tonight?
Working :( Maybe seeing Becca? :D

31.Whats your favorite type of soda?
Dr. Pepper!!

32.How's life?
Life is good.

33.What do you want to do right now?

34.Are you listening to music right now?
I sure am! Amon Amarth- Gods of War Arise!

35. Do you like someone?
I like a lot of people..?

36.Do they know?

37.Where do you buy your underwear?
Whereever underwear are sold.

38.What time is it?

39.Do you use ebay, to buy or sell?
I've bought something off there before.

40.What makes you pissed off?
What doesn't?
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[02 Nov 2006|04:08pm]
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[08 Oct 2006|03:41am]
I won't shiver in the cold
I won't let the shadows take their toll
I won't cover my head in the dark
And I won't forget you when we part

Collapse the Light Into Earth

I won't heal given time
I won't try to change your mind
I won't feel better in the cold light of day
But I wouldn't stop you if you wanted to stay

Collapse the Light Into Earth
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"Well maybe next time you will estimate me." [28 Sep 2006|09:04pm]
I'm doing this for Becca, so she can see just how exciting my daily life is!

Haha, I love The Office. It wasn't the best episode, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Today flat out sucked. My parasitology lab went the expected hour and then my p chem lab buddies and I worked on our presentation. "Determination of the resonance energy of benzene via heats of combustion of benzoic acid and cyclooctatetraene." Say that 5 times fast! It was the usual biochem lab that sucked. We were to run our SDS-PAGE gel but it just wasn't happening. Grr. I was ready to quit, but I'm glad I didn't. We ended up getting it done about 20 minutes late.

See, told you I'm boring!
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It was this or homework! [24 Sep 2006|06:27pm]

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Saw Jackass 2 last night, it was pretty damn funny. Now back to whatever it is you were doing before this.
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[21 Sep 2006|04:16pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I've decided this has been the worst week to be me. I woke up at 4:30 this morning to this sound. I was deliriously out of it and thought someone was in my room so I started talking to my fan. Wouldn't ya know it doesn't talk back. Turns out it was my phone, Hannah had texted me. Grr.

Next week isn't shaping up to be any better. The biochem write-up will be due and I'm about 10 pages behind. So will the ecology report and I've yet to start that one too.

At least there is the weekend to look forward too. Matt will be here Friday night so we can do some more recording (btw, if you haven't joined us at www.myspace.com/thedeadlybadgers you're really missing out!) and Saturday we shall be seeing Jackass 2.

Now I must go study!!!

Also, wtf is up with this guy? Does ABC News really need to do segments on TOOL?

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[19 Sep 2006|03:59pm]
[ mood | happy ]

This week has been awesome. First, yesterday, my Porcupine Tree DVD came! I watched just a bit of it, but I spotted myself a few times. Hopefully I can finish watching it this week.

The other good news with yesterday was the excellent ISIS and TOOL show!
The guy behind me was complaining about people in the crowd no being true fans and was saying that if they played anything off Opiate, no one here would know. He suggests they play the song Opiate. One of the guys with him asks how that song goes and the guy gives half a line of the song and says he doesnt remember, but he could sing along with it if they play it though. Thats so OGT.
I thought people were actually aware of Isis, but no one seemed to be familar with them. It was my first time seeing them live and I thought they sounded excellent. It was too bad they didn't get more recognition from the fans.
When Tool started, a group of 5 guys moved in front of us. They proceeded to high five each other and scream "yeah bro!" every time Tool played a different song. EVERY TIME. Besides that, the show was decent.
We only got one Maynardism as he wasn't feeling well. "My throat hurts and my vagina itches" according to him.

Stinkfist (extended)
46 & 2 (extended)
The Pot
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days
-short break-

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